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Are you a fan of jazz music? Then you’re in luck because there are so many incredible jazz music festivals to attend around the world. Michael Nunoo is a network engineer from Watervliet, New York, who has a passion for jazz music. In fact, he is a gospel jazz musician himself, playing the trumpet for a band called Let’s Worship. He outlines the top seven jazz festivals in the world.

Michael Nunoo from Watervliet, New York, on the Top 7 Jazz Festivals Around the World

The Montreal International Jazz Festival

Each year, the Montreal International Jazz Festival is held between late June and early July in Quebec, Canada. This event is one of the largest…

Michael Nunoo

Michael Nunoo is an expert network engineer from Watervliet, New York. He is also a gospel jazz musician who plays the trumpet for the band, ‘Let’s Worship’

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